'Voluptasism'. Beauty & Aesthetics in sculpture form...

Welcome to my website.

Here you will find a collection of Fine Art Sculptures by artist Jami Young. They are both uniquely different, and Hellenistic in their modeling of the human form. This site is dedicated to a new portfolio of works being created, apart from other commercial work I have done in the past. To keep things simple, I have divided this site into two main categories, 'Voluptasism' from the root word Voluptas, and 'Adonisism', from the root word Adonis. Both are done in an overtly, romanticized, Greek Hellenistic style.



Currently at the moment, I have made several maquettes, which are now being enlarged into larger sculptures. These days I am focused on the enlargement process of the male nude form. Early next year after I have finished creating a body of larger male nude works, I will proceed to continue with the female nudes. My focus with the female nude form, as you will see from the maquettes, is on the Art of Human Contortionism.

The Art of Human Contortionism, to me as an artist, is as much as an art form as the sculpture itself.

The categories are as listed to the left.






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